Permanent Makeup Removal

The objective of this course is to provide you with best practices for removing unsightly, incorrectly shaped, or discolored eyebrow microblading and permanent makeup. Upon completion of this course, you will demonstrate proficiency in removing any and all types of eyebrow permanent makeup and be comfortable in multiple removal scenarios. Course will be available for 30 days upon purchase. You may start and stop as needed over the course of 30 days.
Approx. course length: 5 hours

what’s included
learn through text + video
  • Detailed, downloadable .pdf for each lesson
  • Diagrams to explain the science behind permanent makeup removal
  • Lessons on how to have perfect consultations & managing client expectations
  • Course content including full removal with machine, partial removal with machine, and manual removal using handheld blade
  • Learn when to correct and went to remove
  • Discussion on insurance and licensing requirements
  • Detailed aftercare PDF for your clients
  • And more!

meet your educator
Britni Jordan, owner SIX FIGURE BEAUTY and Arizona Beauty Co

Britni is a licensed esthetician, permanent makeup and microblading specialist, and educator on all things beauty-related. For the last six years, she has traveled, and been trained in all beauty/permanent makeup/and esthetic modalities and created this website to bring you the best of the best knowledge available. She started SIX FIGURE BEAUTY after spending years looking for and learning best practice for services in the beauty industry. Growing up in a small town, she recognized the huge need for a more readily accessible online platform that didn’t compromise learning. Each teacher selected for this project is selected not only for their incredible understanding of their craft, but also the light and love they bring to the world. We can’t wait to teach you ❤️


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